Affiliate Terms

The Ambassador Program was created to help Lou California fund the construction of homes for single mom and women facing hardship. 


In order to take advantage of the Lou Ambassador Program, our Ambassadors need to meet these conditions at all time.

- Be at least 18 years old

- Be an active customer of Lou California. An active customer is a customer who purchased at least one product on our online store during the calendar month when commissions were added to the account

- Be a resident of one of the following countries: United States, Canada.


Direct Commissions:

10% on every direct sale. These are sales made to people who used your ambassador/affiliate link to place their first order

Network Commissions:

Level 1: 5%

Level 2: 2%

Level 3: 1%

Level 4: 0.75%

Level 5: 0.50%

Level 6 to 10: 0.25%

All commissions are credited to the Ambassador's account and remain on the account until payed out unless the Ambassador doesn't meet the payout conditions (see the Conditions paragraph) in which case, commissions are cancelled from the account.



The commissions are tracked using the ShoutOut platform system. Ambassadors share their link with their audience. Commissions are earned when a new customer makes a purchase after clicking the Ambassador's link. The tracking system is using cookies that last 30 days. The first order needs to happen within 30 days of the first visit after using the Ambassador link in order to generate commissions.

Network tracking: 

Ambassadors are attached to one another in the system when they use the Network link to onboard new Ambassadors. An Ambassador needs to share their Network link with people they want to join the Ambassador program. Everyone who uses that link, becomes an Ambassador directly under the Ambassador who shared the link and under their upline.



- Payouts are made during the first 10 business days of the month following sales plus 30 day to manage returns and refunds.

- Payouts are made when a commission account has at least a $100 balance

- Payouts are made by check sent to the Ambassador street address


Legal Documents

Ambassadors who reach a total payout amount of more than $500 in a calendar year, need to send a completed and signed W9 form to to keep receiving payouts.



Ambassadors are not employees of LTMB llc. They are considered independent contractors. Commissions are the only form of remuneration Ambassadors can receive.