The Best Pads

Organic cotton, high absorption, anti odor period pads delivered to your door monthly


Lou Period Pads Pack

Lou Period Pads Pack
Lou Period Pads Pack
Lou Period Pads Pack
Lou Period Pads Pack

Lou Period Pads Pack

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Crafted with organic cotton and a super absorbent core, our pads keep you dry and comfortable all day every day and all night. Our anti-leak technology traps fluids and prevent overflowing.

Our ionizing technology alleviates odors for this week to be like any other week. Each pad contains an anion chip that releases negative ions. Negative ions encapsulate odors for you to live a week like any other.

Day pads (10):

Our day pads a super comfy to keep you safe and dry all while protecting your intimate area. Our breathable, organic cotton keeps you fresh and confident all day.

Night pads (5):

Our night pads have the stamina to make you feel good all night! They are designed for optimal absorption and maximum comfort.

Liners (20):

Comfort and confidence every day with the 100% organic cotton liners.


We Make Them With

soft and breathable organic cotton sheets that reduce irritation, natural ionizing compound that alleviates odors all while providing the highest levels of period protection. 

We Passed On

nasty chemicals that irritate and inflame your sensitive area, shake your hormones, or expose you to carcinogens. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

If these are not the best period pads ever, we refund you the product, no questions asked.

Free shipping

Shipping is free on all orders over $25


Enjoy a discounted price forever by pre-ordering now. Your first order will ship in the first half of January 2021.


We will donate your subscription to a
foundation on your behalf every month
in addition to the pack we donate.

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