Blue light


Keep your eyes safe in style with this clear crystal frame and bluelight lens.

Give your eyes a break from the wear and tear of too much screen time with these blue light-filtering Quay glasses. This charming pair has a timeless shape, but feels contemporary thanks to fully transparent frames.


How does blue light affect your sleep?

Humans have a natural sleep/ wake cycle known as the circadian rhythm.  Light is the main cue that our bodies use to regulate our circadian rhythm.  Blue light suppresses the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone which regulates sleep.  This means that exposure to blue light after sunset can cause your body confusion and delay your circadian rhythm.

Because portable devices shine straight into your eyes and we often hold them quite close to our face, they are the most likely to cause a disrupted body clock.  The human body clock is so sensitive to blue light that it has been shown to impact the circadian rhythm of people who are otherwise completely blind.


How does blue light effect you in other ways?

Although your circadian rhythm is mainly associated with sleep, recent research has shown that it actually plays a role in other regulatory functions in the body.  Changes to our circadian rhythm can influence organ functions and impair thinking, as well as making it difficult to get to sleep.  Some studies have linked circadian disruption to depression, obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

Additionally, blue light tends to flicker more than other colours due to its high energy wavelength.  This flickering causes the eye strain you may have experienced when working at a computer all day.  As well as hurting your eyes, the flicking is said to cause headaches and fatigue.


How do blue light blocking glasses work?

Blue light blocking glasses, as the name suggests, filter out the blue light that can disrupt your body clock.  It’s best to wear them in the evening and night, or from sundown.  You can use them if you are working late at the office or just at home watching TV.  They are non-prescription.


The most effective blue light blocking glasses will have an orange lens.  But, if this isn’t for you, you could opt for some clear ones.

Blue light blocking glasses can also be helpful for people who travel a lot and want to minimise the effects of jetlag.


Lou Quality

We're proud of the high quality of our products. We manufacture our bluelight glasses to the highest quality standards.


What's in the box?

Our high quality bluelight glasses come in a box with a microfiber cloth, a soft protection pouch and a rigid, magnetic case



Your Bluelight glasses are covered against any type of damage. You break them, we replace them. You scratch them, we replace them.

The only thing that isn't covered is loss.

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